Packing has begun!


I’m getting it down. I used to start 3 weeks in advance. I started yesterday. Casual simple clothes in earth colors. Most from Goodwill that I could leave there if needed. 1-2 sleeveless shirts, 2 short sleeve, one black long sleeve UnderArmour shirt with snugilly lining (my fav), vest with zipper pocket for camera, underwear/socks, flipflops 2 pairs (one for shower), one pair of Columbia Sport walking shoes, NO MAKEUP, diary, 3 clothespins, sharpie, rain poncho found at yardsale, extra glasses, IPAD (will use for blog), passport neck thing, around-the-neck pillow, 2 long pairs of pants (one elastic), 1 pair of capris (brown), one skirt (I won’t wear it but…), PJ bottoms, windbreaker, camera, 1 zip-up-the-front hoodie, 1 Delta travel blanket, wash cloth, toothpaste, soap, Lonely Planet EC + Spanish translation bk, shampoo/condit (could buy down there but…), mosquito stuff (probably won’t use), sunscreen (ditto), swimsuit (ditto), umbrella (ditto), Pepto Bismol tabs, Probiotics (start taking 2 weeks in advance), Immodium, Ibuprofen, Credit card (will rarely use), CASH in small bills tucked into feminine products for camouflage, AAA purse with multiple pockets packed inside a free carry-on Backpack, one free small Carry-on, 2 free checked bags filled with stuff that EC friends want us to bring down including brownie mix, cat treats, 2 cups of cayenne, an Apple tablet, cotton Fabric (43 lbs), sewing machine foot and socks.


About aterosin

I'm a retired Orchestra teacher and cellist with a love of traveling. I live in Southern Oregon and use this blog for my travel posts. I'm fascinated with Ecuador and have traveled there several times. I could see myself living there full time. Other travels have taken me to Austria, Germany, China (2x's), Italy, Mexico and soon to Guatemala.

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  1. we have friends in Cuenca that want us to bring stuff down for them…fabric, brownie mixes, stevia, cayenne, tablets, socks, blouses, sewing machine foot, earbuds and more. Luckily we get two free checked bags each. I’ve got all my stuff for a whole month in a backpack and small carry on!

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