Got our car!!


I heard a light rain last night. this morning no rain. I had a HOT shower which felt soooo good. Dave and I decided to walk to th car rental place but discovered along that way that we w e really getting on each others nerves. After 26 years of marriage that can mean one thing….We need food. so we stopped in an itty bitty place and tried to order but no English spoken there so I pointed to a plate of food that another customer wàs eating and they understood. a nice piece of chicken, rice and plantain in a wonderful sauce. it turned out that one of the cooks was from Peru and did speak some good English so we had fun speaking to him.After paying our bill ($2 each) we headed back to the side walk and after a few blocks discovered at the  rate we were going we were going to be late…a horrible bind to be in if you are a Virgo. so we flagged a cab and afire a five minute, two dollar ride we found ourselves at the Condo ready to sign for our Jeep.

We  are  renting a car  thru a new business called CuencaCarShare and we are glad we went with  the Jeep. After the paperwork I drove us back to the hostel and there was Rene and Robin outside waiting for us.  we told them about the breakfast place and they went there while we got some maps from our room. Parking is a big headache here but I managed to find a place to parallel park. Ever since I was sick two years ago with pneumonia I have had the darnedest time parallel parking and today was no different. Lotsa pressure with cars backed up and honking plus a certain person giving helpful advice.

We found Rene and Robin and headed to the car and out of town to Tutupali EC,  a small barrio about 40 minutes to the south. It’s  beautiful out there and we stopped to look at a house under construction. the road up there was a muddy mess and we were so glad to have the Jeep and its four wheel drive ability.

Where the property lies and just below is a sweet little school and a church. it looks like they are expanding the school with a new building and we could hear the children  reciting Math problems with vigorous voices in a sing songy manner.

After a quick bathroom break in the school’s outdoor toilets (which were very clean) we headed down the mountain and back to Cuenca.  Now we had to find a parking place because Everyone has recommended we NOT park the car on the street so Rene checked out a place we have used in the past and they had an opening. We had quite a time understanding the price and timeframe but the attendant was VERY patient with us. W think it will be ten dollars.

It is so close that we walked back to Posada del Rio Hostel and took a nap. I worked on my blog and noticed pictures appearing on Facebook from our morning adventures.  Robin’s new phone takes excellent pictures so go to FBk for the pics because I am STILL unable to download pics to this blog. tomorrow morning we have breakfast with Lenny who might be able to figure out what the snafu is.

Tonight we headed to the Cuenca Jazz Society to hear Jim Galla and Juan on the bass.  We had a fine meal and Dave sat in for a few numbers which is always a thrill for me. he usually plays LATE at night or for a private party so I don’t usually get to hear him perform. We met a couple from Vilcabamba, a city to the south that we will visit next week.  They have a forty foot boat that they have traveled in and now have found a piece of land to build a 900 sq foot house on. Steel beams, he designed it and I think we will see it when we travel south to that area. Hopefully, a picture will be available for you to look at or us your imagination.

tomorrow we have breakfast with friends and hand over things we have brought for them from the states. we also get to visit my dream home where Sherry and her family live with their sweet goats. Off to bed now. Tomorrow will be another full day.


About aterosin

I'm a retired Orchestra teacher and cellist with a love of traveling. I live in Southern Oregon and use this blog for my travel posts. I'm fascinated with Ecuador and have traveled there several times. I could see myself living there full time. Other travels have taken me to Austria, Germany, China (2x's), Italy, Mexico and soon to Guatemala.

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