Life with no suitcase…


I hope I have mentioned that we are traveling with my little brother, Rene and his wife, Robin. When they arrived at the GYE airport, their luggage stayed in San Salvador. Not just theirs but theirs and about twenty other customers. It was not a happy scene. well, that was Tuesday and today is Friday…hmmm, put yourself in their dirty underwear and you possibly could imagine how they feel.

With occurrences like this you either believe or you don’t believe and we have one of each. Jennifer, of Avianca airlines assured us that the suitcases would be on the next flight to GYE and would then be flown to Cuenca and be delivered to our Hostel. That would have occurred Wednesday. it’s Friday and Rene and Robin are still in the same clothes from Tuesday.

If you don’t believe, then you’ve known for four days that no luggage is coming and you decide your course of action and demeanor.  However, there are no clothes here that fit a man of Rene’s stature. Robin on the other hand, could go out and outfit herself in Ecuadorian clothes and look really cute.

Robin has been on the phone and Internet AND down at the Avianca Airline office here in Cuenca for several hours today. She found out that her bags are in GYE (4 hours west of Cuenca over the Andes Mtns) and Rene’s bags are still in San Salvadore with all the Halloween candy he brought from Costco!!

We head back to the Avianca office at six PM to talk to the Supervisor who will either tell us the truth or tell us what thy think we want to hear…which is a standard custom in this country. I’ll keep you posted…

Now other happenings…yesterday we met up with Lenny and Sharon for breakfast at Bananas restaurant and then walked back to the hostel to hand over the items we brought for them including the forty three pounds of fabric, ten boxes of gluten free brownie mix, cat treats, ear buds, stun gun (for feral dogs), shirts and a few others things. Lenny took Rene and Robin to the Avianca office so they could ask about their luggage…like where the heck is it”?????

Sharon and I headed back to the hostel to load up the fabric…did I say forty three pounds? luckily she had brought a great big suitcase with wheels to hold all her treasures. Once we loaded it up, she got a cab to a friends house but left the suitcase with us. Lenny returned with the luggage-less-ones and we hauled that sucker of a suitcase to the Jeep and we took him home. We got to see their sweet home and two cats plus Sharon’s amazing quilt creations and her sewing room. Now we understood the fabric…cotton fabric including sheets and towels are hard to come by In Ecuador.

After leaving Lennys we were to meet up with Sherry and Mark, two retired teachers from Cleveland. We found each other thru the FBook Ecuador Expat group when I Saw pictures of her home…my dream house which I had seen on my first trip to Ecuador. They are still renting that house but are also building their own home just up the road.

They live on a beautiful hilltop, just outside of Cuenca with their kids: Finn and Natalie plus a heard of Nubians, who are due to deliver today. Today is also Finns 11th birthday.

While we were walking down from the construction site back to their rental home, we met a family who was harvesting potatoes (papas).  They offered Sherry and us a sack full of potatoes (we declined graciously).  During the transfer of potatoes and conversation the Mama explained that they had some property down the road for sale. They offered to lend us their son, Thimsu? to show us the hectare.  So off we went down the road…it was a lovely piece of land but still not flat enough for me and my farming needs.

It was dusk and we needed to get down the mountain so we said our goodbyes and headed down the lovely eucalyptus lined dirt road. We thought we were lost but kept believing we Were heading in the right direction and we were. We saw some interesting sights including a llama on the side of the road. We stopped to take a picture of the llama and as we stopped he put his ears back and I KNEW what that meant. Spit!!! I once had a run in with a llama and spit and the smell and texture made a lasting impression on me.  We high tailed it past the animal after a quick pic.

We did make it back to our hostel and had dinner at Noe, a warm, beautiful Sushi place. I mention warm because my socks and shoes were soggy and wet and I was cold. this cool wet weather is very unusual at this time of year – or so everyone tells us.  we sat by a fireplace and had a wonderful meal. Heading back to the car it was raining once again. But we were full and warm and it didn’t matter.


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I'm a retired Orchestra teacher and cellist with a love of traveling. I live in Southern Oregon and use this blog for my travel posts. I'm fascinated with Ecuador and have traveled there several times. I could see myself living there full time. Other travels have taken me to Austria, Germany, China (2x's), Italy, Mexico and soon to Guatemala.

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